Heidi du Preez, a Nutritional Scientist, specialises in integrative oncology, gastrointestinal disorders, systemic candidiasis (candida), as well as metal allergy and toxicity. She sees clients from her home-based practice in Hout Bay and at the Natural Wellness Clinic in Claremont, Cape Town – per appointment only.

Heidi also consults online via email, Skype and phone.

Consultations at the practice in Claremont

Please phone (021) 683 1465 to make an appointment.

Online consultations and in Hout Bay

Click here to book an appointment

Services provided

  • Nutritional protocols
  • Supplement protocols
  • Lifestyle management
  • Books, supplements and other products for sale
  • Biochemical testing using International Laboratories
  • DNA testing
  • Stool analysis
  • Referral to specialists
  • Newsletter and Facebook updates