I’m feeling fantastic now! So much more energy in the mornings and no cravings, maybe only very infrequently just before my menstrual period. My emotional relationship with food has almost vanished and I no longer look to food as punishment but a way to nourish my body. I have also been doing a lot of soul searching on the emotional traumas of my past. Feeling very positive about the future!

- Aingy Chantel Lee

Heidi is fantastic and is so knowledgeable, she has helped me so much with my health. I feel so much better a year after going to her.

- IC, Riebeek Kasteel

I went to the doctor for a general check-up and mentioned that I was experiencing pain behind my knees.  The pain was diagnosed as arthritis and medication was offered, which I refused as it was not severe at that stage.  A few months later the pain levels increased to the extend that I found it difficult to drive.

I decided to go for an X-ray to confirm the arthritis.  The X-ray confirmed no arthritis or bone degeneration. I consulted with Heidi who discovered that I had parasites and worms, treated me for that and some extra nutrients.  Within a week the discomfort subsided.  It has been 5 months, I feel 10 years younger, no discomfort in my knees, energy levels have increased and feel amazing. I will be eternally grateful to Heidi for her advice and am horrified to think that I was nearly on the wrong treatment

- Annie Bain –  from Cape Town


Three and a half years ago I was barely able to walk from one side of the room to another. I was diagnosed and suffering with Lymes disease, depression,  ME as well as many Co infections affecting multiple organs from an overload of parasitical activity. My every day consisted of nausea, headaches, body aches,pain and severe weakness to name only a few. My quality of life was not great and I could no longer work due to my illnesses-this all as a newly wed.  4 months ago I met Heidi which I am beyond grateful for and believe it was an answer to much prayer. Through good nutrition and supplementation Heidi has helped me to detox my body from the huge amounts of medication and overgrowth of yeast and my body has started to heal naturally. I have not felt this good in a very long time. Most of my symptoms have been alleviated  and my energy levels are coming back, much to the thankfulness of my husband. I am able to take my dog for walks and do normal activities with much more ease. My quality of life has improved drastically- and friends are noticing improvements too. Thank you Heidi for sharing your knowledge with me with such support,  compassion and genuine care for my well being.

- Kirsty D –  from Cape Town


My grateful thanks for Heidi du Preez for coming into my life and showing me a way out of being methyl toxic. My entire married life (46 years) I have struggled with systemic candidiasis.

Although I was one of the first people in South Africa to remove my mercury fillings from 22 teeth (from 1983 onwards), I struggled to remove the methyl mercury from my body.

Only through Heidi’s advice and knowledge have I realised that mercury toxicity and systemic candidiasis are connected – mercury and candida hiding in all the scar tissues from all the many eye and gynea operations that I had in my life.

Due to methyl toxicity it was predicted in my 30’s that by the time I would be in my 40’s I would be in a wheelchair.

Heidi has really been a shining light along my long, rocky road of recovery to good health. Now at 70 I look and feel 20 years younger!

- DL –  from Cape Town

Connecting with Heidi was something the universe planned, I’m sure. I suffered with bad candida for many years (since my teens), as well as a hiatal hernia which caused me severe pain just about every day. I had no idea what I was doing wrong. I was told I had low-blood pressure, vertigo, acid reflux and the hernia, but all of the doctors just kept giving me pills. I never thought that the cheese on my toast, or the biscuit before bed could be the reasons for such discomfort.

After a diagnosis via my GP that showed candida overgrowth, I looked up to the sky and said, “Please send me to the right person. I don’t want to keep having to drink Mayogel four times a day and take antifungals every few months. I need to know how to stop this naturally.” Well, that night I found Heidi via a Google search. She came up quickly in the search engine under a search for ‘candida, western cape’, if I can remember correctly. She conducted a thorough examination in the form of a questionnaire, with some really bizarre questions!

A week later we began phase one of the diet. I never knew giving up sugar could be so difficult; because it is in just about everything these days! I also stopped all dairy and gluten. It was difficult at first to know what to eat, but over time I eventually found the right combinations. Phase two was also a little tricky as the candida died off slowly (and wasn’t going to go quietly)! I had a few uncomfortable side-effects, but they only lasted a few days.

After roughly three months, the course was done. I now know just what I can and can’t eat, and I’m able to maintain a healthy diet, one that keeps me regular. I no longer feel pain which is a great blessing (after so many years), and I can eat the ‘good stuff’ without those confusing ‘sugar rushes’ or moments of fatigue. I have become more relaxed, and feel far more mature than I did a few months ago (that may sound strange, but I feel as though I’ve matured as a woman by simply knowing what is right and what is wrong regarding diet).

It is not an easy road at all, and it can cost an unexpected penny, but I have no regrets what-so-ever. I’ll be thirty-eight-years-old this year (2015) and it’s the first time I have ever ‘invested’ in my health. Without Heidi I probably would’ve continued with visits to the GP for antifungals and the chemist for antacids, and so on. Her knowledge on the human body and nutrition (like a language from another planet) has made an exceptional change in my life… even though I have never met her face-to-face!

I’m thankful for her assistance at this stage in my life, and feel she has saved me years of discomfort and unnecessary medications that I would have met had I not found her. I highly recommend her professional advice. Even though what she says at first may sound like ‘new-age-hippie-dippie-balony’, every word is the truth; I can say this from experience! It is sad to think of how many women will suffer without the type of information she has to give.

From one (ex) sufferer to another, if you have found Heidi, don’t give working with her a second thought. Go for it. She’s like a needle in a haystack!

– Carly van Heerden – Sedgefield, Garden Route

“I have to say thank you! For your help and guidance. I haven’t felt this good in a long long time. I have more energy, sleep better and feel like I manage everyday!”

– NS from New-Castle with Candidiasis

“Once again I am feeling like a million dollars again.

– JM from Port Elizabeth with Candidiasis

“Heidi – you are a superstar !!! We had my daughter’s asthma check-up today …….doc was amazed at her improvement.
Everything in perfect condition ….and she really doesn’t need to be on the pump ….ha!”

– NS from New-Castle

“Thank you for this very informative newsletter!!”

– DP from Sedgefield

“Just to let you know that I am doing very well in that I no longer have any pain or problem with constipation. I am really very appreciative to you in helping me solve this problem.”

– HA from Rondebosch, Cape Town

“At last I feel on top of the world again ! ! There were times when I thought I would never feel like this again, and it is wonderful. Many thanks for all the information you e-mailed me, and thank you so much for all the help, care, advice and continued interest you have shown me . After many years of battling through, coming to you has made all the difference.”

– WT from Sedgefield

“Laas jaar 2013 April maand het ek 48kg geweeg en my lengte is 1.83m – my normale gewig is 90kg so dus was ek letterlik anoreksia en bedlêend. Dokters het my 3 maande gegee om te lewe maar die Here het ‘n ander plan gehad. Een Sondag middag het ek ‘The Journal of Natural Medicine’ deur geblaai en afgekom op ‘n artikel van Heidi du Preez en dit was net asof die Here vir my bly sê het om met haar in kontak te kom. Ek het Maandag gebel en so het my lewe verander. Ek het kwik vergiftiging gehad maar dit was nie net my tande nie ek het ook op die mynplant gewerk wat radio aktief en kwik gehad het. My eerste tekens was dat ek baie moeg was , baie rooi oë ons praat nie eers van die geel vel nie. Heidi het my so baie gehelp en ‘n volledige verslag gedoen asook gefaks ek was regtig in my skik. Sy het so baie dinge raak gevat en wat nog die beste van alles was my kinders het erg allergieë gehad en dit is opgelos. Ek wil die eer aan die Here gee dat hy Heidi so gebruik het om ‘n verskil in my familie se lewe te maak. Al wat ‘n mens kan vashou is daar is hoop en geloof en vandag is ek gesond en kan die lewe saam met my familie geniet.”

– JJ FOURIE van Virginia, Vrystaat

“Thanks again Heidi, I forgot to say “thanks for putting me on the right track” – which I feel sure it is.
Pity I did not get onto it about 52 years ago!”

– TB from Wildernis

“Dit gaan uitstekend met my, geen pyne, min winde en het 5 kg gewig opgetel.”

- JF from Knysna

“Thanks again for the consult the other day, I can already see what a little bit of knowledge is doing on my eating routine!”

– PB from Knysna

“Thank you so much for always putting things into perspective and one’s mind at ease.”

– SV from Namibia

“Once the realisation hit that I had become diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis (UC) and the luxury of eating just what I wanted was no longer there… it became a difficult pill to swallow. Thinking the conventional doctor route was my only option, I struggled to no avail with my condition, not knowing if I ever would be “normal again”.” Being introduced to Heidi and realising the importance of how nutrition influenced my condition challenged my perspective on what “normal” really was. My 3 year journey with Heidi has not only highlighted the importance of natural nutrition, but also made what I thought to be an impossible lifestyle transition, substantially easier. Now healed of UC for 2 years, Heidi has brought me to the realisation that it’s only through nutritional self-discipline, spirituality and balance of life that I can maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

– Anonymous from Somerset West