Naturally Nutritious

Naturally Nutritious
Wholefood Cookbook


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New revised edition

New lay-out with many new and improved recipes and jam-packed with health information.

About the book

A health-food cookbook of delicious and nutritious recipes with gluten-free, wheat-free, sugar-free and dairy-free options.

Written by Heidi du Preez and Karen Werge Tilney .
Photographs by Neil Corder
Endorsed by Daleen Totten, editor of The South African Journal of Natural Medicine
Foreword by Dr Bernard Brom MB ChB (UCT), CEDH (France), Dip Acup

The Naturally Nutritious Wholefood Cookbook will inspire you to create easy and delicious meals based on sound nutritional research and scientific method. The book will show you that health lies in a simple, practical and delicious diet. The idea is not to treat any specific health condition, but rather to address the poor eating habits we have adopted. Unprocessed food eaten in the right proportion, not isolated vitamins and minerals, holds the key to health and personal wellness. With more than 50 full colour photographs to delight the eye and over 100 recipes to tantalise the palate, you are invited to bring the wonders of wholefood cooking into your home.

  • Easy, no fuss recipes for everyday use.
  • Nutritious and delicious. Healthy eating is not boring!
  • Informative with dietary guidelines and a wealth of health information: meal plans, what to stock suggestions, seasonal chart and much more.
  • Economical, cost effective recipes.
  • Balanced approach – no dietary extremes or food fads.
  • Practical – a sustainable dietary guide.
  • Introduces lesser-known health ingredients – how to enjoy millet, quinoa, buckwheat or chickpeas.
  • Addresses food intolerances and allergies – gluten- and wheat-free, soy-free, yeast-free, dairy-free and sugar-free options.
  • Wide variety of recipes. Over 100 recipes and variations, with practical health tips and serving suggestions.
  • Test baked by an experienced chef.
  • Recipes that use only fresh, unprocessed wholefood ingredients.

Launch date: 7th December 2012
Price: R225 (excl delivery)
Publisher: Natural Nutrition
ISBN 978-0-620-54400-9


This book is fantastic! I loved it and have ordered one for my mum!  Shaen Adey

This Wholefood Cookbook will become an instant favourite. A must for every kitchen!
Daleen Totten, publisher and editor of The South African Journal of Natural Medicine.

I really enjoyed reading this Wholefood Cookbook. It’s just what’s needed to bridge the sanity gap between ‘koeksisters and raw-everything!’
Carol Murrell, Nutritional Therapist

After thirty five years of my practice in Integrative Medicine, I believe that the single most important change in lifestyle required for health and disease management, is to look at the food choices each person makes. This book goes a long way to helping us find the right balance.
Dr Bernard Brom MB ChB (UCT), CEDH (France), Dip Acup, and past editor of The South African Journal of Natural Medicine.

The authors veer relentlessly and proudly towards unprocessed and – as the title of their book states – naturally nutritious wholefood. Or “healthy, unpretentious nosh” in plebeian parlance. Not only do they bust practically every convoluted gourmet-myth, but this no-frills food-philosophy surfaces throughout and forms the basis of their entire nutritionist world-view. As it should yours. Read it and find out what grandma really meant when she said “eat more fruit and veggies” all neatly packaged in a nutshell.
Chris du Plessis, Journalist

Thank you so much. Naturally Nutritious is a great publication and I am really enjoying it. It is offering some much needed inspiration!
KG from Cape Town

Thank you for creating such a wonderful book!
Margot, Cape Town

We had a dinner party last night and I made the lamb curry… I really enjoyed cooking it and it was a hit.  SG from Constantia

Naturally Nutritious is a way of eating, it is a nutritional information treasure-chest, not just a cook book. It is bursting with interesting and valuable information about food, health, balance. It is what everyone seems to have been “looking for” for years! I cook from it virtually every day!
Sally, Knysna

We LOVE the recipe book.  One of the best I have seen in a long while!!
Cheryl, Cape Town

I just want to say thanks for such a great book! I bought it a long while ago and it is to date my favourite recipe book!
I have made so many recipes from your book and have told all my health conscious friends & family to buy themselves a copy! I have always loved healthy, nutritious food so this book is permanently on my recipe stand!
PW, Constantia, Cape Town

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your wonderful naturally nutritious recipe book. Its so creative yet so simple. Who would have thought to put butrerbeans in crumpets….mmm delicious!

About the authors

Click to read more about Heidi du Preez and Karen Werge Tilney